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What is a 2-point turn?

The purpose of a 2-Point-Turn is to turn around to go back the way you came when the street is too narrow and a U-Turn is not physically possible. A 2-Point-Turn is legal in residential areas only and you must be able to see at least 200 feet in each direction. Line your car parallel to the curb on the right with a driveway directly behind your car, put your car in reverse and look through the back and the right of the car to make sure there are no pedestrians on the sidewalk and there are no vehicles approaching from the driveway directly behind you. Carefully turn your steering wheel to the right and back into the driveway. Once on the drive way turn your steering wheel to the left, put your car in drive, and make sure that there is no traffic approaching from both sides of the street. Finally, complete your turning by entering traffic.

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