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I'm 18+ years old and want my license what should I do?

If you've never attempted the written or road test or are having trouble passing the DMV tests we can help. If you have a drivers license from a different state or country our expert staff is here to help. Our driving instructors are specifically trained to assist you and are here to make your instruction an informative and pleasurable experience. We recommend that every new driver attend a defensive driving course to help minimize the risk associated with the dangers of driving. Many adults believe that having a family member teach them how to drive is just fine. Unfortunately, most people develop really bad habits over the years. In most cases they also don't have an intimate knowledge of driving laws and tend to stir a beginner in the wrong direction by misinforming them. Contact our office and a representative will be able to assist you and bring you a step forward towards getting your drivers license with a trained professional.


The following are some basic things you need to do in order to get your drivers license. The process begins by first submitting your application (DL-44) and a few other documents in order to take a written test. It is highly recommended that you make an appointment with any of the DMV offices. You can visit the DMV website at or call 800-777-0133. Having an appointment at the DMV will expedite your visit. The documents you need are as follows and must be presented in their original format. Photocopied documents will not be accepted. Complete a drivers license application form (Form DL-44). You must have your social security number, your birth date, legal presence, and $35.00 application fee (cash, check, or money order). Your thumb print and picture will be taken and you will need to pass a vision test. Upon submitting all the necessary documents you will be given a written test. The test consists of 36 multiple choice questions and you may take the test 3 times for the same application fee. Every 3 attempts at the written test requires a new application fee. When you successfully pass the written test a learner's permit will be issued to you. This will allow you to practice driving with anyone 18+ years with a California drivers license. In order to finally receive your drivers license you will be required to pass a road test. For this test you are required to make an appointment. You drivers license is issued upon successfully passing the road test.

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