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Congratulations to these students for completing drivers ed and for getting their drivers license:

Jacqueline R.
Kayla K.
Ryan H.
Emerson R.
Frank J.
Krystina F.
Elisheva R.
Daniel M.
Parminder N.
Annabelle T.
Helia M.
Sap C.
Wesley P.
Jackson N.
Lily K.
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Your Favorite Driving School

Since 1989, Valley Bob's Driving School has provided quality Drivers Education and Drivers Training services to the greater Los Angeles area. Our dedicated instructors are always patient, professional, and friendly. We understand that our instructors not only need to be knowledgeable about driving safety and the rules of the road but they also must be great communicators. We recognize that everyone is different and it's our job to effectively communicate with our students. Driving school is a once in a lifetime event, we commit ourselves to making it the best experience.

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Drivers Ed + Training

Enroll for both Drivers Ed and Drivers Training and get Online Drivers Ed for FREE!

If you live within our service area and enroll into any one of our drivers training courses then you will automatically get Online Drivers Education for free, that's a huge savings.

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We are here to help save lives

Valley Bob's is famous for its Drivers Ed and Drivers Training curriculums. Through patient, professional, and friendly instructors we've educated thousands of teens, adults, and seniors about the importance of defensive driving all over the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, and Ventura County areas.

Having formal Drivers Ed and Drivers Training instruction by a State Certified Driving School is absolutely essential. Valley Bob's Driving School is here to reinforce the importance of reducing the risk by offering proper education and training. Other schools may tend to cut corners by ending lessons before their scheduled time, behind the wheel instruction of two or more students at a time, having older unsafe cars, having students run office errands while on a behind-the-wheel lesson, instructors talking on cell phones, minimal to no instruction because the driving school doesn't enforce a lesson plan, or worst of all instructors that recline their seat and shut their eyes while a student is driving. Valley Bob's instructors focus on the immense importance of saving lives by dedicating themselves to their students. We strictly provide one-on-one private lessons, our instructors will continuously instruct from the moment the student is picked up to the moment he/she is dropped off without distractions, our instructors follow a detailed lesson plan, lessons will never be cut short, our cars are always late model and equipped with adjustable seatbelts, dual airbags, and dual controls for optimum safety.

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